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Use More Pardot Custom Redirects

Ever building a dynamic list in Pardot and are seeking a 'Prospect Email Clicks' filter? Well, as it turns out, there is no 'click' filter BUT there is a Custom Redirect filter!

Custom Redirects allow you to track any link on your site OR via a third party site. Furthermore, you can trigger Completion Actions when a prospect clicks on the respective Custom Redirect link (e.g. if clicked, send prospect to static list for tracking, add 3 points to their score and notify the assigner user). Custom Redirects are so underrated! Use them to your advantage to get that most out of Pardot automation.

Example Use Cases:

1. Social Media: gain better insight into the traffic coming from social platforms by creating a Custom Redirect for each link you share/post (in lieu of just sharing one link across all of your social platforms)

2. Display Ad: use a Custom Redirect for each link attached to a unique ad. Utilize completion actions to segment prospects via static lists and/or tags.

3. Email Campaign: if you use the same URL multiple times in the same email, use Custom Redirects to report on individual link placement. For example, one Custom Redirect link for the banner CTA, another for the body CTA, and one more for hyperlinked body text!


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