Our mission is to create a universal source to help educate persons who lack experience or technical knowledge.

Ever been put on hold when you call the cable or phone company? Us too. That's why we strive to provide a superior experience when it comes to customer support in the tech industry. The technological landscape is evolving and it will take time to adapt. Your time is valuable but is way too often disrespected by certain customer service departments. Let Poppy get that time back for you. Promise to spend it with family.

What we do:

A. Professional Selling Guidance

B. Home Entertainment Setup Assistance

C. Computer & Internet Support


So what makes us remarkable

1. No operators. No waiting.

2. Always a real person in addition to timely responses

3. Available on nights & weekends

4. Universal source for all brands (so you can toss those paper manuals that are cluttering up your drawers!)

How did the idea of Poppy's Tech Aid originate

- Noticed many people struggling to keep up with tech

- Always helping fix tech related issues around the house

- Noted the poor customer service reputation reported at many notable tech giants

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