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Poppy's Tech Aid is a one-of-a-kind consulting and education service for marketing technology support. We are experts in software such as HubSpot, Pardot (MCAE), Marketo, Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp, Drift, Sendoso, and much more!

The mission of Poppy's Tech Aid is to create a universal source to help educate marketers who lack experience or technical knowledge in marketing and/or sales technology. Please check out our credentials below

We are NOT a full service agency. We ONLY focus on Marketing & Sales Technology!

What we do:

A. Individual Training for Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) admins with the goal of gaining knowledge and/or getting certified in the respective MAP or other tech tool.

B. One on One Training for professionals interested in a career in Marketing Automation Platform management. This includes certification focused trainings --- we will carve out a personalized study guide and path to make sure you are prepared for the exam

CTeam Training for Marketing and/or Sales Teams so all team members can absorb knowledge at the same time 

D. Ask Poppy any MarTech or SalesTech related question. We understand that sometimes you just need a little help and not an entire SOW. A team member will get back to you via email and video tutorial.

EIf we cannot resolve your MarTech or SalesTech issue via the Ask Poppy feature, we can schedule a time to screen share live! Our team member will then be able to give you step by step directions on how to troubleshoot or suggestions on how to improve the respective process.

How did the idea of Poppy's Tech Aid originate?


- Noticed many marketers struggling to keep up with tech

- Always helping fix MarTech related issues & supporting strategy around Marketing & Sales technology

- Noticed the limited number of MOPs related courses in higher education (even within MBA programs)

- Noticed the limited number of Marketing

Automation training resources available online (both from a B2B and B2C perspective)

- The Marketing Operations talent shortage

- The ever-growing size of MarTech landscape (no longer is it just a CRM and Marketing Automation Platform!)

What makes us remarkable?


1. Our network of educators with world-class knowledge in Marketing Automation technology

2. Our personalized approach to empower marketers and marketing teams to reach their Marketing Automation goals

3. We help you get certified...which enables a direct path to a career in Marketing Technology

4. Universal source for Marketing Automation / Marketing Operations training

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