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The mission of Poppy's Tech Aid is to create a universal source to help educate people who lack experience or technical knowledge in marketing automation.


We provide a one-of-a-kind education service to teach popular marketing automation software tools such as HubSpot, Pardot and Marketo.

What we do:

A. Individual Trainings for Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) admins with the goal of gaining knowledge and/or getting certified in the respective MAP

B. Individual Trainings for professionals interested in a career in Marketing Automation Platform management

C. Certification focused trainings --- we will carve out a individualize study guide and path to make sure you are prepared for the exam

DGroup Trainings for Marketing Teams so all team members can absorb knowledge at the same time 


So what makes us remarkable

1. Our network of educators with world-class knowledge in Marketing Automation technology

2. Our personalized approach to empower marketers and marketing teams to reach their Marketing Automation goals

3. We help you get certified...which enables a direct path to a career in Marketing

4. Universal source for Marketing Automation training 

How did the idea of Poppy's Tech Aid originate

- Noticed many people struggling to keep up with tech

- Always helping fix tech related issues around the house

- Noticed that there are a limited number of Marketing Automation training resources available online