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Ask Poppy!

Imagine this scenario. You're a marketing manager who has a staffing issue because of COVID-19 or recent company layoffs. You just cannot afford to have marketing efforts come to a halt. You need somebody to answer your (HubSpot) (Marketo) (Pardot) (Drift) (Outreach) question. You really don't have budget so you need a quick AND affordable resource. Just need some guidance on how to proceed would make a world of a difference and there's nothing left to be Googled. So what is the best option?


Ask any Marketing, Sales or Revenue Technology related question and a dedicated Poppy's team member will respond ASAP! In most use cases, we will send back a personalized video and can continue to communication from there. Simply submit a short summary explaining your situation and which MarTech or SalesTech software is in scope. We strive to get back to our customers within one to three business days.



Sample Questions:

  • How can I pause nurture emails to keep them from being delivered on holidays?

  • What do I need to get started on lead scoring?

  • How do I use dynamic content to send a single email to multiple audiences?

  • How can I avoid over emailing contacts?

  • How do I get around the 100 filter limit for HubSpot scoring?

  • Is there a way to remove the form title when showing the thank you message once the form has been submitted in HubSpot?

  • What are some best practices when it comes to testing nurture campaigns?

Ask Poppy - Service Overview

Ask Poppy - Service Overview

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