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Sending Alert Emails to Sales within Marketo

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Sending specific, internal alerts to sales team members has become a common practice. Marketo even has a specialized token "{{SP_Send_Alert_Info}}" to be used when creating the alert emails for your sales team.

"{{SP_Send_Alert_Info}}" includes the following information:

- First and last name as a link to the person detail in Marketo

- A link to the person in your CRM (often considered the most important piece in a sales alert email)

- The campaign name in Marketo that sent the alert

- The time at which the alert was sent

Convenient? Sure. But a customized alert is often better. Reach out to your sales team, listen to what information they're looking for in an alert email (e.g. job title, person status). Utilize person tokens to provide that information in the alert.

As for the link to the person in you CRM, if using Salesforce, you can populate a custom string field with the 18 character SFDC id using the tokens {{lead.sfdc lead id}} and/or {{lead.sfdc contact id}}; therefore, you can still provide your sales team with the CRM link by adding the SFDC id token to the end of your respective Salesforce URL!

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