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The Phantom 'Date/Time' Field Type in Pardot

If you're looking for the Date/Time field type option within Pardot, you can stop because it's not available!

While available on the SFDC side, this field type on the Pardot side has ONLY lived on the Idea Exchange. So when attempting to sync a Date/Time from Salesforce to Pardot, please know this...

1. If using the Pardot DATE field type, you will lose the time aspect.

- Salesforce Date/Time field value: "10/18/2021 11:00 AM" (viewing user in ET time zone)

- Pardot field value: "10/18/2021"

2. If using the Pardot TEXT field (a common workaround here), you will lose your respective time zone settings.

- Salesforce Date/Time field value: "10/18/2021 11:00 AM" (viewing user in UTC time zone)

- Pardot field value: "10/18/2021T 11:00:00.000Z"

Net, net Pardot fields will sync down the standardized UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) timestamps, regardless of individual user time zone/locale settings in Pardot or Salesforce.

To get around this entirely, users may create a Salesforce formula field to transform the date format. Since formula fields do not trigger an update to Pardot, the recommendation would be to map both the original field and the custom formula field in order to trigger the sync.


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