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The Recycling Bin vs. Permanent Deletion of Prospects in Pardot

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Previously in Pardot, if a prospect was in the recycle bin but still had an active browser cookie, any visit to one of your tracked web pages would remove the prospect from the recycle bin. Now, when a prospect is in the recycle bin, they are no longer tracked. This allows you to fulfill any GDPR request to stop processing data.

A. Recycling Bin option:

- Prospects can be restored

- Prospects do not count against mailable database limit

- Prospects still retain their history (email activity, form fills, page views, list memberships, etc.)

- Prospects can remove themselves from the recycle bin by performing specific actions (e.g. form fill or email click)

B. Permanently Delete option:

- Prospects cannot be restored

- Any / all activities the prospect had will be deleted (and their metrics removed from reports)

- If the prospect deleted manages to comes back into your system, the Pardot record is treated as new


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