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What is the Automatic Prospect Creation Feature in

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Think twice before turning on the automatic prospect creation feature via the (Outreach Everywhere) Chrome Extension and Gmail.

The Extension will automatically create a new prospect in Outreach where all email activity and open/click tracking will be synced. Sounds great, right? Here are a few 'buyer beware' moments:

- Outreach is automatically creating recipients when a user sends an email from their inbox no matter who the recipient is! The sales team is doing plenty of reaching out to perspective clients BUT emails go out all the time to people who we aren't trying to sell to (e.g. 3rd party vendors, colleagues, family/friends, etc.) or just aren't a good fit to sell to. If your sales reps aren't super diligent, you will flood your Outreach instance with a bunch of junk and non-target persona contacts!

- Think of the volume alone. In some cases, Sales rep are sending emails to hundreds of unique people a week. The automatic prospect creation setting just continues to create prospects in Outreach leading to a plethora of unwanted Outreach prospects. What would be even worse? If the sync settings we have enabled are letting these unwanted prospects sync over to the CRM!!

- First Name and Last Name WILL NOT be included in the creation of the prospect; therefore, we cannot use those respective variables without enriching that info.


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