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B2B MarTech Team Training

Imagine this scenario. You're the new head of marketing at Company X and you have terrific team of marketers already on board. Problem is, not all team members are at full capacity. Furthermore, you just got news that your Marketing Operations Manager has resigned. You need somebody to manage (HubSpot) (Marketo) (Pardot/MCAE). So what is the best option? 


An affordable option that maximizes your internal talent is to have Poppy's Tech Aid train those internal team members (who have availability) on how to use and/or optimize your tech stack. This can consist of your respective Marketing Automation platform, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Sales Sequence platform, Attribution tool, Conversational Marketing tool and/or Direct Mail platform.


We will come up with a distinctive plan that meets the goals of both the client and the trainees. All sessions will be recorded and shared with the client!

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