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Problems with Today's Tech Support

1) Tech companies tend to be notorious for their poor customer service. Common examples include Comcast, Uber and Sprint

2) Dozens of major brands each with their own unique products and (of course) each piece of equipment comes with its own peculiar add-on's which are sold seperately to the consumer

3) Paper User Guides and Manuals for your devices. Most of these are hard copies that cause clutter around the house (in addition to all the paper printing not being environmentally friendly)

4) Automated Voice Message Systems have become the norm. Sometimes you just need to talk to a human being. Even when you do get a customer support rep on the phone, there are often long wait times to deal with and perhaps even a language barrier between you and the customer service rep

5) Search Engines can lead to pages upon pages of unreliable information. Are the sources I am referencing reliable? Am I even searching for the right help 

 Poppy's Tech Aid Solutions

1) ASK POPPY. Once you submit a brief description of any tech issue, our support team will get back to you ASAP and provide a superior customer service. We aren't satisfied until your problem is solved!

2) Check out Poppy's Tech Aid Help Center. If a tech issue has become overwhelming, Poppy's Tech Aid is here for you. We will get to the root cause of the issue no what matter what it takes. Browse our paid services.

3) No Operators. No Voice Automated Messaging Systems during business hours. Always a real person troubleshooting your issue. Timely responses. Available on Nights and Weekends.

4) Whether you consider yourself a tech novice or expert, we all need a little help sometimes. It's a great feeling to see somebody conquer their tech task. That's why we offer free resources that enable our fans to take matters into their own hands. Your time is valuable but is way too often disrespected by certain customer service departments. Let Poppy get that time back for you. Promise to spend it with family.

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