When Fantasy Becomes Reality

Updated: Jan 8

Much has changed since the ‘dot-com bubble’ of the late 1990s. From 1998 to 2000, I.T. professionals worked tirelessly to create websites for their respective companies. The buzz of the Internet as a revolutionary tool was spreading and investors wanted a piece of the financial gains.

website on computer

The climbing prices of Internet start-ups encouraged investors to dump more money into any business with a “.com” in the business plan. The good times were rolling but all great things must come to an end. So of course, that bubble burst in the early 2000s when that prospective e-commerce potential was never reached.

The hopeful stockholders had lost an enormous amount of money. The problem was the ‘dot-com bubble’ seemed to be a bit ahead of its time. There were still many questions that had to be answered about the functionality as well as upkeep of the sites. One mini mistake in coding could have resulted in drastic negative results to the platform leading to poor user experience.

Luckily the evolution of web design has drastically changed over the past fifteen plus years. HTML 5 is a long way from text/table-based sites, flash technology, and JavaScript. We now live in a time where coding (back-end rules that allow the website to function) is no longer a necessity for site creation. It can be as simple as ‘drag and drop’ nowadays. That code is now being generated automatically! But there is still the ability to make manual edits. Which once seemed like pure fantasy, has become reality.

People can now buy a domain (www.mystartup.com) and create a website for any reason, easier than ever, using Wix, GoDaddy or any other of the popular web hosting company. You can create your own website for an extremely reasonable price.

You have access to produce an unlimited number of pages on your site. The menus for tool selection are clear and concise leaving little confusion for the user. You have the options of creating photo galleries, videos, customizable music, and blogs. Of course, you can add social buttons to link directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You even can construct your own online store and apps such as a restaurant menu, maps, or a meeting scheduler.

Any person with the desire now can start a website by themselves. Today’s reality makes it fun and easy for business or pleasure.