What the heck is Fortnite?!?

Updated: May 16, 2019

With more than 200 million players worldwide, it’s safe to say Fortnite has developed a cult-following. Chances are, you have heard of the video game or questioned one of the game’s popular dance moves. The highly-successful game has attracted so much attention, that parents are questioning whether its safe to allow kids to play. In this synopsis, we will review the game in its entirety – including risks and the hype behind the dance moves!

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How does Fortnite work?

Fortnite is an online survival video game that focuses on building fighting skills, forts and the zombie apocalypse. Users can play on virtually any console or device. There are two version of the game: the original version, averaging the price of a normal video game, and the second version, being free.

The second version of Fortnite is most popular for this reason. Though the game is free to download and play, in-app purchases are strongly pushed. Players can invest their own money into the game for tools, accessories and outfits.

The Game

As the game opens, 100 virtual fighters are dropped onto a deserted island. The fighters must scavenge the island to survive, while building forts and using weapons. As the game progresses, the area the players are in, shrinks. This prevents players from hiding out along the edge of the island for survival. The goal: be the last fighter standing.

The Chat

Players can play solo, in groups, chat or connect via headsets. The social aspect is appealing to younger players, as they can remain connected with friends. However, parents are worried about this social adaptation. There is often over 1 million players online at any given time. This provides quite the opportunity for inappropriate or dangerous chats.

The Dancing

So what’s up with the dancing? There is no doubt Fortnite has drawn attention from its addictive gaming, but the game has also received attention for its trendy dance moves. The game creators have included over a hundred dance moves into the game. This way, players can dance to celebrate a victory or survival … or whenever they feel the need.

The player-enabled dance moves are popular adaptations of real dance moves. Some of the most popular dance moves include: The Carlton ( from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), The Floss ( from The Backpack Kid), The Hootenanny (from Dumb and Dumber) and The Jubilation (from Seinfeld).

Is Fortnite Safe?

If you have read this far, you may be wondering what the risks associated with playing Fortnite are. As with any other video game, parents should supervise the amount of screen time their child has. Limiting the amount of time spent on Fortnite can reduce the likelihood of developing a video game addiction, which the WHO (Who Health Organization) warns us about, as well as exposure to violence.

As mentioned, the game takes a rather light approach to violence. Extremely colorful graphics and silly dance moves distract players from the actual violence taking place in the game. In the U.S., Fortnite is rated 12+, though some parents feel this age is too young.

In Australia, Fortnite is rated Mature. Some parents may feel this rating is more appropriate due to the amount of violence in the game. After all, the game thrives on annihilating fellow players. Aside from the possibilities of excessive screen time and exposure to violence, many parents are worried about overall safety. Chatting presents the possibility of exposure to indecent materials. Chats are not supervised, so there is also the potential for crude and inappropriate conversation.


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