What is Zillow?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Zillow is an online real estate database that empowers and educates shoppers to make the right real estate decisions. With Zillow, you can buy, rent and sell real estate easily and efficiently. The site aims to aide home owners and renters throughout the entire “lifecycle” of owning or renting.

Zillow provides direct connections to professionals in the real estate market, listings and invaluable knowledge for owners and renters. Founded in 2006, in Seattle, WA, Zillow’s database now includes over 110 million homes.

buying home from realtor

Buy on Zillow

Zillow lists a variety of homes for sale. You can view by category, such as: new construction, foreclosure, Sale by Owner, houses not on the market and Open Houses. Shoppers can access a plethora of resources, such as: a buyer’s guide, the foreclosure center and the Zillow app. Zillow boasts the most popular suite of mobile real estate apps. The Zillow app is available for Apple and Android.

Rent on Zillow

Renters and rental managers can utilize Zillow’s site. As a rental manager, you can access and manage your listings on Zillow. You can also manage payments, as well.

As a renter, you can search for your next home. You can search by apartment, house or building available for rent. You can make rent payments online or view a renter’s guide.

Sell on Zillow

There’re tools to help you make sure you’re selling your home for what it’s worth. Zillow’s tools allow you to estimate the worth of your property, with their Zestimate tool. Sellers can also view their neighborhood value, utilize the Zillow-provided selling guide and setup a home inspection. Once you’ve decided to sell your home, Zillow can connect you with a real estate agent. You can list your home on Zillow for sale by owner or with the help of your real estate agent.

Zestimate on Zillow

The Zestimate tool allows you to peek into the value of a home or an area that you are curious about. Ideally, this is a tool for home shoppers and owners. This is one of Zillow’s most popular tools - with Zillow claiming that nearly 80% of the housing in the U.S. has been “Zillowed”. For home owners, the Zestimate tool also provides an accurate estimate of your home’s worth. Interested to see what your home is worth today? Try out a Zestimate. Zillow still recommends contacting a realtor for an official estimate of your home.

For renter’s, Zillow can provide an accurate estimate of rent in your area. This should help you figure out if what you’re paying for your rental is above or below market value.

Other Helpful Tools on Zillow

Zillow offers tools to make your real estate shopping experience simple. With Zillow, you can locate a lender, view current mortgage rates, fiddle with the mortgage calculator and view lender reviews.

Zillow’s agent locator tool can help you find the right professionals to handle your real estate task. You can find real estate agents, property managers, home inspectors, home builders, home photographers and other home professionals. If you are a professional, you can offer your services on Zillow.


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