What is Waze?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Waze is a real-time traffic and navigation app. Real-time means that the app receives live updates. That means traffic, navigation and community-contributed tips are updated around-the-clock. This leads to more accuracy for users, like you. Contributions to Waze are made by Waze community members.

The goal is to connect people; allowing for the transference of helpful information. As you drive, Waze collects data. This data is shared with the Waze community to improve everyone’s driving experience. Real-time updates and tips help to make our day less complicated, reduce our time behind the wheel, and even save us gas money.

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The Waze app is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The app can be downloaded and used for free. Waze can also be accessed from nearly any device.

Waze features:

Navigation & Traffic Report

Waze members can edit maps. That means no more incorrect or outdated navigation routes. Members can report changes, such as road construction, so you won’t waste your time behind the wheel. Millions of Waze members can instantly report traffics jams, accidents or delays.

Gas Price Comparison

Waze community members compare gas prices. There’s no need to download a separate app to compare gas prices. You can conveniently do it on Waze, while on the road.

Community Connection

Stay in touch with friends, coordinate trips and arrival times.

Waze Carpool

This is Waze’s newest feature; An interactive app that allows users to carpool. Waze carpool allows for coordinated carpooling with fellow Waze members - saving money on gas, reducing emissions and staying out of traffic. There are separate apps for drivers and riders.

Waze Carpool allows drivers and passengers to check for available carpooling buddies on their selected route. Members are also allowed to choose their own carpooling buddies – no bad surprises!

How to use Waze:

1. Open your Waze app.

2. Embark on your journey! Keep Waze open while you’re driving – this is how Waze collects data to share with fellow users (things like traffic conditions and road structure).

3. Just keep the app open while you drive. Even if you’re not actively seeking navigation, Waze can collect data from your commute to continue to improve the Waze community.

While you’re on the app, you can make your own contributions by reporting conditions like police traps, road construction, accidents and weather conditions.


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