What is Ring?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Ring is a revolutionary home security company that is owned by Amazon. Ring has transformed home security by bringing quality protection to residential customers. Ring has introduced a variety of motion-activated, video-capable products; the smart doorbell.

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Ring first introduced the video doorbell in 2013. Shortly after, a whole line of security cameras, systems and accessories followed. Ring connects to WiFi to provide you with real-time video and notifications. Now available at over 16,000 retailers, Ring allows you to make your family’s security a priority.

Installation of a Ring device is simple – with multiple mounting options available. Choose your installation method and connect to the internet. The Ring app allows you to receive notifications when motion is detected. The app allows you to see who is at the door without having to leave your couch or while you’re out of the house.

Ring Doorbells

As Ring’s introductory product, the company has become well-known for its video doorbells. Ring doorbells can work on any home. Cameras are equipped with night-vision and the option to record whenever you’d like. Ring doorbells are battery-powered, making them completely wireless.

  • Priced at $99, the Ring Video Doorbell is an affordable option; chunkier and slower.

  • Priced at $199, the Video Doorbell 2 is like the original. New features include a quick-release battery and improved video resolution.

  • Priced at $249, the Video Doorbell Pro flaunts a slimmer design and additional security features.

  • Priced at $499, the Video Doorbell Elite is top-quality. This model provides professional-quality security, with a flush-mounted appearance.

Ring Security Cameras

Ring security cameras are motion-activated, night-vision enabled, HD cameras. Installation typically takes 10 – 25 minutes, depending on the model chosen. Options include solar-powered, battery-powered or hard-wired models. Cameras can be mounted or used on a stick-up stand. Security features include an LED light and the ability to sound a siren at the click of a button. There are eight models to choose from, priced at $129 - $249. The stick-up camera is the newest addition to the Ring family, priced at $129.

Ring Security System

Priced at $199, the Ring Security system ensures your smart home is protected 24/7. Outdoor cameras, alarms, lights, and a video doorbell allow you to monitor outdoor activity. The security hub monitors motion inside your home. Other Ring products can be added to your home and work in sync.

Ring Accessories

Aside from home surveillance products, Ring offers several other products to ensure your home safety at home. Contact sensors, smoke and CO sensors, flood and freeze sensors are also available. Replacement parts, mount kits, solar chargers and keypads can be purchased to customize your devices.

Ring Protection Plans

Protection plans are included with all Ring products. Basic protection is free to all Ring purchasers at no additional cost. Upgraded protection plans are available, such as the Protect Basic Plan and the Protect Plus Plan. There is no lengthy contract or commitment required. Prices range from $3 monthly, or $30 yearly, to $10 monthly, or $100 yearly. It is now affordable to protect your home and family.


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