What is Receipt Hog?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Receipt Hog is a free app that allows shoppers to cash-in by uploading their receipts. Everyday receipts can be turned into money-making opportunities. The more receipts that a shopper uploads, the more money they can make.

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How does Receipt Hog work?

As part of a market research company, Receipt Hog works with top retailers and leading consumer goods brands to bring savings to shoppers. Top brands pay market research companies for valuable information that reflects the consumer market. To date, Receipt Hog has helped shoppers earn $2.5 million!

All information provided to Receipt Hog is anonymous. Full credit card numbers are not available on receipts – only the last 4 digits are printed on a receipt – so there’s no reason to fret about security. If there is an item on your receipt that you want to remain secret, simply cross out the item before submitting your receipt. Lastly, submitting receipts is up to your own discretion: you’re not obligated to submit a receipt.

Receipt Hog is available for use directly from their site or from their app. The Receipt Hog app is available for Apple and Android. Receipt Hog is available for use in the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

How to use Receipt Hog:

Shoppers can upload qualifying receipts to Receipt Hog to receive coins, spins or enter the monthly sweepstakes. Receipts that have been generated within the past 14-days are eligible for upload. You can upload up to three receipts from the same retailer, with the same transaction date.

Users can upload a maximum of three receipts at any given time. Once your receipts have been reviewed, you can upload additional receipts. Users can also participate in up to four additional bonus uploads, per month, to qualify for additional spins.

Coins are equal to cash; shoppers can cash-out via PayPal once their coin balance has reached a benchmark. Shoppers also have the option to cash in coins for an Amazon e-gift card or magazine subscription.

Shoppers can choose to earn spins on the Hog Slots. Hog Slot prizes include additional coins, while 1 winner per day is chosen to win the value of their last shopping trip. Frequent users are eligible for bonus perks, like short surveys, barcode scans or additional spins at the Hog Slot.

How to Upload Receipts to Receipt Hog:

Currently, there is a wait list to become involved with Receipt Hog. Due to their rapid-success, Receipt Hog has reached their maximum capacity of panels participants. To use Receipt Hog, download their app and request to be added to their wait list. Within a month, Receipt Hog will contact you to update you on availability.

Once you have been accepted as a panel participant, it’s time to upload your receipts:

1. From the home page, click on the camera icon.

2. Laying your receipt on a flat surface, snap a photo of your receipt. Make sure the receipt isn’t blurry or it can’t be accepted!

Click Submit!


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