What is OpenTable?

Updated: May 16, 2019

OpenTable is a restaurant-reservation service. Reservations can be made online or through the app, with the app being the leading choice; over half of all OpenTable reservations are made through the OpenTable app.

Aside from the free reservation-app service offered to users, OpenTable also sells services and tools to restaurants, slowing them to manage reservations. The service is free to users, while restaurants pay to offer OpenTable’s service.

The OpenTable worldwide network connects over 47,000 restaurants. Users can leave reviews; helping others and further expanding the OpenTable community. Restaurant reviews are extremely helpful to the OpenTable community. Personally, I always read through reviews before choosing a new place to eat.

Find and Book Your Table on OpenTable

OpenTable functions as a search and reservation agent for restaurants. You can search for potential reservations by date, time, location and number of guests to be expected. You can also view restaurants by category, such as: Available Nearby, Popular Restaurants, Top Cuisine, Restaurants in the U.S., Featured Areas and Featured International Areas.

How to Make a Reservation on OpenTable:

1. First, sign into your OpenTable account. It’s free.

2. To start a reservation, enter the location you’d like to search. You can narrow the search area by searching a neighborhood, region or the name of a restaurant you’re already familiar with.

3. Enter the number of people in your party, as well as the date and time you’d like to reserve a spot for.

4. Click “Find a Table”. OpenTable will search for availability in your selected area. Results will be displayed with a variety of possible dining times shown.

5. Select the restaurant and time you’d like. Then click, “Complete Reservation”.

6. Enter your dining information; name, phone and email. Then click, “Complete Reservation”, once more.

OpenTable Rewards Program

With each reservation you make using OpenTable, you can earn Dining Points. When you make a reservation that is fulfilled, points are added to your account. The number of points you earn from each reservation depend upon the date, time and restaurant of choice.

Sometimes, restaurants offer reservations for special promotions worth 1,000 points. These reservations may not be available during the holidays or during special events. 1,000 point, or Bonus Point, reservations are labeled clearly, so keep an eye out!

There are multiple ways to redeem your Dining Points. Points can be redeemed for meals, Amazon gift cards or donated to charity. The number of points you have can be viewed on your reservation detail, reservation confirmation or confirmation email. Beware: points expire, so make sure to use yours!


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