What is Mint?

Updated: May 17, 2019

Mint is a personal finance management company that makes understanding your finances easy. Mint is free to use, available on the web or as an app. Mint compiles all your financial information, bring it all to one location, making it easier to stay on top of your finances.

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Mint displays everything, right in front of you, so there’s no need to keep track of statements, scribbles or notes. With everything conveniently located in your Mint dashboard, there’s no reason to juggle your budget, goals, transactions, credit score and identity security with multiple sites. You can control all these aspects via Mint’s useful money-managing tools, resources and advice. Tools allow users to view and manage their finances in real-time.

How does Mint work?

Users connect their bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards to their Mint account. As purchases are made from the account(s), the activity is summarized in Mint. Each expense is filtered into a category, based upon the budget you set. Users can easily review and make necessary changes to their budget or transaction history, as needed. Setting a proper budget allows users to start saving; taking better control of their finances.


Mint’s most-attractive feature is its budgeting tool. The handiness of their budgeting tool is the primary reason many users choose to monitor their finances with Mint. Users can create a custom budget to make sure they keep their expenses on track. Users can categorize each expense, specify an amount and the frequency of the expense.

Mint tracks user expenses month-to-month, presenting user financial information in an easy-to-read graph. A second graph compares user expense to the U.S. average [per bill]. This can help users understand if they are overpaying or saving on an expense.


Users can monitor their monthly bills via Mint. Bill reminders are sent to users before bills are due. Alerts are sent to users when bills are due. These notifications prove helpful in avoiding late fees, missing payments and lowering your credit score.


Under this tab, users can view a full list of their transactions. Transactions are pulled directly from the user’s linked accounts. Transactions can be viewed by category, individually or edited. Users can access cash, credit, loan and investment transactions.


Mint reviews your history and makes personalized recommendations to improve your finances. Viewing your expense and bill history can help you realize your budget. Keeping a detailed record of expenses and bills can help you achieve financial goals; such as a savings, investments, etc.


Mint makes your security a priority by using multi-level authentication and security scanning with VeriSign. Notifications are sent to users to alert them of suspicious activity.

Credit Score

Users can access their full credit report for free. Mint explains credit and how it’s calculated; helping you to understand how to improve your credit score.


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