What is Medium.com?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Medium is an online platform for writers, storytellers and thinkers. Medium sets itself apart from other platforms by using original ideas, quality pieces and a variety of viewpoints. Medium also prides itself on engaging and deep topics, as well as a clean reading experience.

A Medium membership runs $5 per month or $50 per year. Membership fees are paid towards the writers, depending on the quality of the content they created, as well as how often it is frequented.

Writers aren’t simply paid for creating a piece that drew attention for a short-stint of time. With a membership comes unlimited access to incredible content. Medium promises original content, that you won’t find anywhere else.

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How do I use Medium?

Medium can be accessed from their site or directly from their app. The Medium app is available for Apple and Android.

Some content is available as audio versions of popular stories. Unlike other audio apps, these stories are recorded by humans, not apathetic robots.

Collections are topics and stories that are linked together, some working in succession, that can provide a reader with a deeper-understanding of a subject.

Interested in writing? Medium is always ready and willing to accept good material.

Medium is Totally Customizable

As a reader of Medium, you are entirely in control of the content you view. Readers can choose specifically which topics show up in their feed. This way, there’s no need to scroll past uninteresting or undesired content.

Using Medium’s network, readers can follow their favorite topics, publications and writers. In doing so, readers see the latest content created by their favorite writers and/ or topics.

What can I find on Medium?

Readers can find material on anything from virtual reality, to Jeff Bezos, to political and sociology theories that induce deep-thought. Some of the most notable creators include:

1. Rolling Stone

2. The New Yorker

3. The Washington Post

4. Vanity Fair

5. The Economist

6. The Financial Times.

Hot topics on Medium include:

  • Tech – Bitcoin for 5-year-olds, Why You Should Encrypt Your entire Life, The Future of Biotech and Samsung’s Weird Emojis.

  • Culture – Prince’s Legacy, The Rise of Dystopian Fiction, Why Men Don’t Take Selfies and Game of Thrones.

  • Politics – How Presidential Pardons Work, Social Security, Trump vs. The Media and DACA & The Immigration Reform.

  • Business – The Evolution of Retail, Airbnb’s Worldwide Takeover, Women in Tech, How Apple Wins by Copying and Instagram vs. Snapchat.

  • Life – The Psychology of Religion, Polyamory, Why The Truth is Messy, Life as a Transwoman and Body Positivity for Men.


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