What is Itemize?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Itemize is an innovative, simple way to manage your finances. Itemize extracts data from receipts and valuable documents. For personal and business use, Itemize can save you time and money by fishing out the data you need to stay on top of your finances. There is no longer a need to pour hours of hard work into reviewing receipts and financial documents. Save yourself and your business headache by utilizing Itemize’s handy features.

What does Itemize do?

Itemize enables users to better-manage their expenses. To do this, Itemize extracts data from your receipts and other submitted documents. Extracted data is used to create an expense report. Expense reports can be created from a tablet, phone or computer. Expense reports are created for PDF or Excel and are made to share.

Typically, this type of work is controlled by software. OCR software recognizes text content, extracting needed data. With Itemize, there is no longer a need for the investment in OCR software.

How to use Itemize:

Once you have become a member of Itemize, you can upload an unlimited amount of receipts and financial documents. Users can upload digital receipts or snap a photo of a paper receipt. Users can sync their email account to allow for the seamless transfer of information. Itemize is available for use as an Apple or Android app, as well as a web app.

Itemize Features:

Users can access history of their expenses at any time. Data gathered by Itemize is stored via the cloud for ten years, with bank-level encryption – ensuring identity and financial protection.

Capture Receipts – Simply upload your receipts via the Itemize app. Itemize then analyzes data and extracts price points, which can be used to generate an expense report.

View Expense Details – After uploading a receipt or financial document, it will be available to view. Clicking will reveal the purchase details.

View Expense Tracking – Since receipts and financial documents are saved, Itemize allows you to track your expenses.

Make Payments – Itemize users can access personal or business accounts to send or receive payments. This can be completed using the “Pay Me Back” feature on the app. Itemize can also calculate mileage rates for distance-based reimbursements.

Interested? Check Itemize Out!

Demo - If you would like to see Itemize in action, Itemize offers free demos! This is a great option for users that would like to gain a better of Itemize, as well tour the full-extent of Itemize features. Demos are available upon request, as each demo is customized; offering a customized user-experience. Demos will need to be scheduled, as they are conducted in a live meeting.

Pricing – Itemize creates customized quotes to fit each prospective user’s needs. To receive a free, no-hassle quote, fill out the brief price request on their site.


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