What is Hopper?

Updated: May 16, 2019

With over 30 million downloads, Hopper is the world’s fastest growing flight and hotel-booking app. Hopper is an app that helps you decide when to book a flight or hotel stay to get the lowest rates.

How does Hopper work?

Data. Lots and lots of data. Hopper’s creators collect mounds and mounds of data to compare flight and hotel rates. Hopper uses collected data and complicated prediction algorithms to figure out exactly when the lowest prices will be. Hopper can predict pricing up to 6 months in advance. Unlike other sites, Hopper practices patience. The app urges traveler to wait, advising them as to when is the cheapest time to book. Hopper’s price-predictability is guaranteed to be 95% accurate.


Since its creation, Hopper has been collecting price data from over 300 airlines. Along with this plethora of data, Hopper continues to collect flight pricing for 5 - 10 billion airfare quotes, daily. Armed with this data, Hopper advises shoppers to buy now or wait for a better price. Flights can be booked through the app. Hopper details each airfare’s fees.


As one of its newest features, Hopper can help you book a hotel stay at the cheapest time. Just like airfare data is collected, Hopper also collects hotel data. Hopper collects millions of hotel price quotes, world-wide, daily. Armed with this data, Hopper advises shoppers to buy now or wait for a better price. Hopper shoppers can expect to save between $34 - $90 per night. Hotel stays can be booked directly through the app.

When searching for a hotel, Hopper presents information in an easy-to-feel-out way. Hopper’s own teammates snap photos of the hotel. They use these photos to create an interactive, Instagram-like approach to help shoppers get a better feel of the hotel.

App Features on Hopper

Save Money

Hopper boasts impressive numbers: Since its founding in 2007, Hopper has helped travelers’ book over 30 million trips, saving shoppers more than $1.8 billion.

Watch Trips

With Hopper, you can plan your trip ahead of time. For up to one year, you can create a “Watch” that will monitor flight and hotel prices for your search.

Get Notified

Since Hopper is an app, operated by an algorithm, it’s always open! Once you’ve setup a trip watch, Hopper will notify you when prices drop. Now, there’s no need to keep checking your app or spend hours searching for prices. Hopper will notify you when its smartest [for your wallet] to book.


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