What is Glassdoor?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Whether you are looking for a job or you are an employer, Glassdoor is a valuable resource. Glassdoor connects employees with employers, providing the much-needed transparency that today’s employees seek. Glassdoor can help you search for your next job, get ready for your upcoming interview, or get the scoop on your prospective employer.

With Glassdoor, there’s no more unanswered questions or mystery interviews. Prior to your interview, you can research your prospective employer to gain a full understanding of the company. Employees can review everything from companies to management to work-life balance.

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Jobs on Glassdoor

Job-seekers can search for jobs directly from their dashboard. Each job posting includes vital information – such as ratings, reviews, salary, benefits and more. This ensures you will be making the right choice when selecting your next employer. Not only does Glassdoor post thousands of job opportunities daily, they also provide blogs, live-streams and guides for job-seekers.

Salaries on Glassdoor

Personally, one of my favorite tools on Glassdoor is the salary tool. For years, I have utilized Glassdoor simply for this tool alone. The salary tool helps you to gain a better grasp of your potential career. Users upload their own salary information to help grow Glassdoor’s salary database. You can view typical salaries based upon position, location and experience. Glassdoor has compiled salary information from more than 45 million employees to bring you the most realistic salary expectations.

Company Reviews on Glassdoor

Check-out your current or prospective employer’s reviews on Glassdoor. Employees can gain a better understanding of their employer by sifting through thousands of reviews. To do this, simply search for the employer you are interested in learning more about. Once you have found them on Glassdoor, any available reviews will populate. Glassdoor does boast a 30% higher retention rate among hires.

Interviews on Glassdoor

As mentioned, Glassdoor strives to provide transparency in today’s job market. One of the most unexpected, but most helpful ways, that Glassdoor does this is by allowing users to discuss their interview experiences. Users can even upload specific interview questions, to better help you prepare for your upcoming interview. To access possible interview questions, simply search for your potential employer on Glassdoor. Once you have found your potential employer, user-entered interview information will be available to access.

Salary Calculator on Glassdoor

Glassdoor’s salary calculator tool can tell you what you are truly worth in today’s job market. The salary tool is an interactive process that asks detailed questions about you and your job. Some of the questions include your location, employer name and years of experience. Once completed, Glassdoor compares your information with similar employees. Glassdoor will create a custom salary estimate just for you.

How to Use Glassdoor

Both, employers and employees, can setup a Glassdoor account for free. Employers can also post jobs for free. A free account gives you access to all of Glassdoor’s nifty tools.

1. From your Glassdoor dashboard, you can perform a search. To do this, type in any keywords, a job title or a company name.

2. Next-door to the search bar is a drop-down menu. In that drop-down menu, you will specify if you are searching for a Job, company, salary or interview.

3. In the farthest right search box, enter your location.

Hit Search! Glassdoor’s results will then populate.


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