What is Carvana?

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Carvana is just an online retailer of used vehicles. Not something unheard of nowadays. But what makes Carvana different? They are known for their Car Vending Machines --- located in about a dozen major U.S. cities. But it's the fact that shoppers can complete the entire car-buying process online. That unique positioning, in the car industry, gives them a step up during a pandemic. All of a sudden, buying a car without ever leaving your home has become ordinary.

Shoppers can browse used vehicles, finance and trade-in cars all from the comfort of their own home. Another perk: if you wish, you can actually have the vehicle dropped off at your home. Carvana is available from use directly from their site or from their app. The Carvana app is available for download for both Apple and Android.

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Shop Carvana

Shoppers can browse Carvana’s inventory of 20,000+ used vehicles, 24/7. Shoppers can purchase a used vehicle or trade-in their own. Not only does Carvana allow you to work at your own pace, at any time of day, but it also means there’s no need to ever step foot inside a dealership. All Carvana vehicles are certified, so you can feel confident that your purchase isn’t a “lemon”.

Shopping Carvana is made easy with nine filters: Make and model, year, mileage, body type, price, features, color, fuel and efficiency, engine and drivetrain. Shoppers can take a virtual spin in any vehicle, with the use of Carvana’s 360-degree photos.

Vehicle descriptions can be read and details sorted through. Carvana even offers shoppers a free vehicle history report. Shoppers can pay in entirety for vehicles or seek-out financing. Shoppers can use their own financial institutions or apply through Carvana for vehicle financing. Carvana is dedicated to working one-on-one with shoppers, which is made easy using their interactive financing options

Test The Vehicle Out

Test-drive a vehicle for up to 7 days, with Carvana’s 7-day Return Policy. If shoppers aren’t satisfied with their purchase, Carvana guarantees their money back. During this period, shoppers can inspect their car in and out, test-driving it at their own pace - no rush! Shoppers also can have their new car inspected by their own mechanic; ensuring true peace of mind. This allows shoppers the confidence to make sure the car they purchased is the correct fit for their lifestyle.


Shoppers can get a quote for their vehicle through an online process. To get an appraisal, shoppers simply answer a few questions about their vehicle. Next, Carvana provides shoppers with a fair value offer. Offers can be made in as little as two minutes.

Shoppers can then decide to turn in their vehicle, applying it towards a down payment, or selling their vehicle to Carvana. If this option is chosen, Carvana will simply cut a check for the value of the vehicle.

To retrieve trade-ins, Carvana may come pick up the vehicle or ask for the vehicle to be dropped off at one of Carvana’s vending machine locations. At this time, Carvana will conduct a final inspection on the trade-in. Rumor has it, Carvana shoppers have completed online trade-ins and had a new vehicle delivered within minutes.


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