What is CardCash?

Updated: May 16, 2019

Did you receive a gift card to a store that you don't shop at? Want to turn that gift card into cash? Want to swap it out for a retailer you actually shop at? If this scenario has ever happened to you, you should try CardCash! CardCash is an online gift card marketplace that allows users to sell their unwanted gift cards for up to 92% cash back OR trade them in for another brand. If the user decides on the trade option, they can possibly earn up to 11% more ($100 --> $111) than the actual value of the gift card they are trading in!

Additionally, consumers can casually browse and buy discounted gift cards from hundreds of retailers. Gift cards are often the ideal gift because the purchaser believes it allows the recipient to 'get what they want' at the respective store (not to mention that gift cards are considered easier and faster to purchase).

The savings certainly various by brand and day but savings can range anywhere from 3% to 35% off! You can save money and get your family and friends a gift they will love. And by the way, CardCash sells brand new, non-discounted gift cards too.

Never Pay Full Amount For Anything

According to CardCash's site, they have saved their customers more than $50 million while shopping at their favorite retailers. Furthermore, they offer a 100% risk free 45 day money back guarantee on all (physical or digital) discounted gift cards just in case there is an issue with the purchased gift card. So what's their mission exactly?

Read it for yourself: "Never letting anyone pay the full amount for anything by turning the world's $140 billion of unused gift cards into major discounts." You read that right, $140 billion.

Curious? Best Selling Gift Cards on CardCash

  1. Walmart

  2. Target

  3. Home Depot

  4. Lowes

  5. TJ Maxx


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