Utilize Your Smartphone When [Taking A Trip]

Updated: May 16, 2019

The smartphone is an amazing tool. When traveling, your smartphone can prove to be the most helpful and necessary tool in your entire arsenal. With internet access virtually everywhere, your smartphone’s apps can help you to plan, organize and set your dream vacation in motion. There are thousands of apps that can be utilized to improve your vacation. Please read more below about a few of our favorites.

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The Amtrak App is available for Google, Apple and Amazon devices. The Amtrak app is fully-functional, allowing you to purchase tickets, check-in with your eTicket, monitor and make changes to your trip plan.

One-way, returning and round-trip tickets can be purchased through the app. Users can apply coupons or discounts to their purchases, store tickets in their eWallet and manage their reservations via the Amtrak app. Users can also select Amtrak locations to learn more about the location’s amenities, such as internet and hours of operation. Amtrak stations can be added to a list of favorites.

The use of an Airline app can make your vacation easier by reducing some of the headache. Once you’ve purchased your airline tickets, we recommend downloading the accompanying app. If you’ve purchased your tickets directly through an airline company, make sure to download the airline’s app.

If you’ve purchased your tickets through a third-party vendor, such as Hopper or Priceline, make sure to download their app. Some third-party vendors will facilitate communication, while others may not. The use of an airline app ensures security, reduces headache and allows users to monitor itineraries. Of course, flights can be changed and/ or purchased from the apps, as well.

Hotel apps allows users to access essential features from a device. Users can browse and purchase hotel stays, as well as manage reservations. If you booked your reservations directly through a hotel or hotel group, make sure you download their app. If you booked your reservations through a third-party vendor, make sure to download their app. Most third-party vendors will carry-out all customer service transactions via their app or website.

A trustworthy navigation app is an essential part of any traveler’s toolkit. Navigation apps, such as Waze, Google Maps or MapQuest can provide travelers with directions within seconds.

Partner-driver apps, such as Uber and Lyft, are affordable transportation options while on vacation. Within minutes, a user can order a ride. Users can also monitor or make changes to their ride. If in a major city for vacation, such as Paris, Salt Lake City or New York City, you may be traveling via city transit. These major cities typically have apps that allow you to coordinate routes, purchase fares, among other things.

There are several apps that provide travelers with valuable information; in the form of reviews and opinions. Travelers contribute their own experiences to provide users with realistic reviews. Some of these apps, such as TripAdvisor, Kayak and Google Reviews, provide thousands of reviews on any given destination, experience, restaurant or business.

Many of these apps also allow users to purchase flights, hotels, cars and experiences. Sifting through user-reviews can prove invaluable when planning and executing your dream vacation.


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