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Updated: May 16, 2019

From remote monitoring products, to wearables, to diagnostic solutions, society is embracing new tools and technologies to enhance the health experience. Fitness technology and wearables are racing forward with advances in sensor technology, smart fabrics, cloud computing, and more helping track activity and keeping you connected. There's even such a thing as a smart water bottle that tracks your water intake throughout the day to tell you whether or not your hydration level is adequate!

Personal Trainer with Client

Fitness Trackers

One of the most common options, thousands of Americans use fitness trackers to monitor their health. Fitness trackers can be worn on your wrist or taken with you, wherever you go. Wearable fitness trackers come with all sorts of features to help you monitor your health in the way that best fits you.

Accelerometers keep track of your steps walked. GPS tracks the distance of your workout. For those that enjoy working out outdoors, trackers can even monitor your exposure to sunlight – warning you when it’s time to head indoors. Positional data helps to track the exercises you do.

One of the most commonly used features is the heart rate monitor. Some fitness trackers use light, while others use electrical impedance to monitor your heart rate. Additional features can monitor sleep, respiration and perspiration. Perhaps one of the most helpful features, calorie tracking, is where most fitness trackers fall short.

Most trackers on the market cannot properly track the number of calories a person has burned, due to the costly level of technology necessary to accurately do this. Some of the most popular fitness trackers include: Fitbit, TomTom Spark, Garmin Forerunner and Samsung Gear Sport.

Personal Trainer Apps / Fitness Goal Apps

There are several apps to help you achieve your fitness goals. There are apps that allow you to set personal goals and record your workouts, apps that guide you through a workout and apps that help you find a workout class nearby.If you’re using a Fitness Tracker, such as the

Fitbit, you can access the accompanying app for free. On the app, you can view stats monitored by your tracker, as well as set goals and make changes.

The Daily Burn app allows you to stream hundreds of workouts, daily. This is ideal for someone who needs instruction but doesn’t prefer a class-setting.

The Coach to 5K app helps users to become a better runner. Training courses are completed over the course of weeks. Users can select a virtual coach to boost workouts.

The ClassPass app allows users to search and attend nearby fitness classes. Filters allow you to search for the perfect class, ensuring you are getting the workout you want. Everything from yoga to Pilates, to strength training can be found on ClassPass.

The MyFitnessPal app allows you to declare goals, then provides you with tools to make sure you reach them. You can enter the meals you eat, the workouts you do and the hours you sleep.

Sleep Monitoring

Few things are as important as sleep. A good night’s sleep ensures your body is operating at full-peak. To monitor your night’s sleep, there are quite a few options. Wearables use heart rate to track your sleep cycle throughout the night. Larger devices, such as the SleepScore Max, can be positioned on a bedside table to monitor your sleep. The device uses echolocation to monitor your breathing throughout the night.

Additional devices, such as The Withings Sleep, can be placed underneath the body when sleeping. The device monitors your sleep throughout the night, your breathing and makes recommendations to help you achieve a full-night’s rest.

Smart Scales

A smart scale monitors more than just your weight. A smart scale can monitor your fat, bone density and water percentage. Of course, smart scales can keep track of your weight, as well. Smart Scales connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to relay the information back to the accompanying app. This can be extremely useful when training or during weight loss.

Additional accessories can be added, such as smart water bottles, heart rate monitors or blood-pressure cuffs to give you a better picture of your health.


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