Tips & Tricks [to Evade Porch Pirates]

Updated: May 15, 2019

What is a Porch Pirate?

A Porch Pirate is the term used to describe an individuals that steal packages from the front doors and porches of unsuspecting online shoppers.

Pirate Flag

Tips & Tricks to evade Porch Pirates:

Track your Packages – Keep up-to-date by tracking your packages. All major shipping carriers, such as via USPS, UPS or FedEx, offer tracking options. Using their website or app will help you keep tabs on the status of your package. Many carriers allow you setup a notification, which will inform you about status changes and delivery completion.

Deliver elsewhere – If your residence does not provide much shade for cover, consider having your packages somewhere else. If you already have a P.O. Box, or you are considering one, it could serve as a safe option for package delivery. Consider other delivery options like your business office or having your package delivered to a family’s member or neighbor’s home (that will be at home at the time of delivery).

Invite the Delivery Person in – This option only pertains to Amazon shoppers. Exclusive to Amazon Prime members, secured delivery options are available. Members can use Amazon’s Key Smart Lock Kit to allow delivery inside their home. Another option is the controversial Key In-Car Delivery that allows packages to be delivered in your car trunk.

Monitor Your Home – This is an option that has been gaining a lot of attention recently, as it has caught several Porch Pirates, red-handed. Monitor your home in real-time with the use of a Ring doorbell, as part of Xfinity Home or SimpliSafe. Ring offers an extensive lineup of products that can help you keep your home monitored around-the-clock. Of particularly helpful use, would be a Ring camera doorbell. These doorbells have a built-in camera and notify you about changes, such as movement or doorbell rings.

What do you do in your package doesn’t arrive?

Despite shopper efforts, porch pirates still persevere. If you are expecting a package that states it was delivered, but you cannot locate, it is time to contact your carrier. Help can be received by contacting each carrier’s customer service department - UPS, USPS or FedEx. The carrier may direct you to start a small claim (perhaps, with the sender). As big-box stores continue to close and the “Mall” faces extinction, e-commerce is blooming. Americans are shopping online, more than ever before. With expedited and/ or free shipping options offered at tons of retailers, it is easy to understand why shopping online has become the ‘norm’. Low online prices, paired with expedited and/ or free shipping, saves you the time and hassle of having to shop in-store. As with all new advents, the quirks are yet to be worked out. In the instance of online shopping, we face: the dreaded porch pirate. Secured package delivery has become a concern, especially during the holiday season.


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