The Three Most Negative Things about the Internet

Updated: Jan 8

There's no doubt that the internet has changed the way we live and operate as a society. For the most part, it has made our lives more convenient. But what often times gets lost in the neatness of the tech hyped world we live in, is the negatives that come with this technological environment.

stressed man

1. Often Leads to a Sedentary Lifestyle

- Extended use of online activity including video games is linked to lack of exercise and childhood obesity

- Adults who work office jobs often do not receive enough physical exercise throughout the day because of the nature of their work

2. Homework 'Help'

- Students and friends openly admit to sharing answers to homework or even exams online. Sometimes answers are posted in online chatroom's for other pupils to see.

- It is rumored that there are even online services who will do the students homework for them for a predetermined fee

3. Cyber Crime

- Cyber criminals local and overseas are always attempting to find ways to steal personal information (i.e. credit card numbers, bank details, online passwords)

- Social Media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, collect and store your personal data which makes your most fun/free accounts vulnerable