Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Updated: Jan 8

People along with organizations have been breaking the guidelines set for them since the beginning. Companies today seem willing to think outside the box to increase profits but by doing so, rub some people the wrong way.

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This is exactly what Samsung did in 2014 when they decided to come out with an ad in which the Galaxy S5 phone takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and (of course) nominates its competitors, the iPhone 5S, HTC’s One M8, and the Nokia Lumia 930. It is necessary for every competition to have a set of regulations to keep the order. This concept is no different when it comes to advertising. Samsung may have violated these unwritten guiding principles, but rules are meant to be broken.

The story became controversial when the message became about the Galaxy S5 being water proof. Samsung wants their products to be noticed, they want their company to be talked about, and they want to be somebody who can offer the people something different in the smartphone industry.

To accomplish these goals, the features of their finest products must be flaunted while the competitors, scrutinized. In a time where Apple is no longer as dominant as they once were, Samsung sees a window of opportunity to become the leading provider of smartphones.

The ad was undoubtedly an aggressive approach that broke a guiding principal, but people do care if their phone is water proof. Consumers start to think about the perks. They also start to think about the Galaxy S5 and Samsung, whether the news is positive or not, Samsung is getting publicity and succeeded in that aspect.

The bold advertisement was not what you call a nice way of getting their point across. Alert. Rule-books have been violated. The ad did cause an uproar among the online community. People debating between whether it was in bad taste or not. It is purely about the phone and mostly about the phone being better than others. By having the phone take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it crosses a sensitive line.

The cellular phone is not a person who can obtain the disease and the anguish that comes with it; however, Samsung is giving it a human character. Samsung chose to have an inanimate object take a real-life challenge meant to raise money for charity. The ad didn’t feel charitable.

Instead of making it about spreading awareness, the advertisement was all about them. But does the consumer even notice? An unorthodox approach along with major risk is a recipe for achieving the highest high or the lowest low.