Pre-Schedule an Uber or Lyft ride

Updated: May 16, 2019

Ridesharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, have ushered in a new era of public transportation. Ridesharing has been more than a success with many people relying solely on ridesharing for transportation. With benefits for both the rider and driver, it’s easy to see why ridesharing has become a second-nature to many.

But what about those rides that just can’t be missed? Rest assured, Uber and Lyft have taken care of the unknowns. Pre-scheduling a ride provides more security in knowing your driver will be there when you’re relying on them the most. With pre-scheduling, you can setup your ride to the important doctor’s appointments or even ensure your ride to the airport is handled ahead of time. The ability to pre-schedule means less stress and worry on your end.

Easy steps to pre-schedule your Uber ride:

1. First, begin by opening your Uber app.

2. Select “Schedule A Ride” on your app. This icon appears as a car and clock image in the upper right corner of the “Where to?” field.

3. Next, select your pickup time, as you would any other ride.

4. You will then be prompted to enter your pickup and drop off location(s).

5. You will then be asked to choose the type of Uber ride you are requesting – UberX, UberXL, etc.

6. Next, an estimate of the Uber fare will be generated. Confirm the details of your trip are correct and proceed with the “Schedule Uber” option.

You will receive the first reminder 24 hours before your trip, and a second reminder 30 minutes prior to pick up. Since Uber drivers are contractors, rides cannot be guaranteed.

However, most drivers agree that they would prefer to pick up a pre-scheduled rider because of the higher likelihood that they will follow through. Uber now features the ability to pre-schedule your ride. You can schedule your Uber ride anywhere from 15 minutes in advance, all the way up to 30 days in advance.

Easy steps to pre-schedule your Lyft ride:

1. First, begin by opening your Lyft app.

2. Next, enter your pickup and drop-off location(s).

3. Schedule on the ride mode screen.

4. Next, setup your pickup date and time, “Set pick up time”.

5. Confirm the location(s) are correct, then select “Schedule”.

Lyft also features the ability to pre-schedule your ride. You can pre-schedule a ride up to seven days in advance.


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