Holiday Tech Gift Guide

Updated: May 16, 2019

Poppy has sifted through to present you with this year’s best values for the hottest tech gifts! Please see below as we have broken down the best specials by price.

Christmas Wreath

Tech Gifts Under $50

Echo Dot – Priced at $40.00, Target will possibly offer the Echo Dot for $20.00 (lowest price found). Amazon is offering an Echo+Firestick 4k bundle for $59.99. Now on the 3rd generation, the Echo dot is an affordable member of the Alexa-Amazon family.

Aesthetic improvements have been made to create a sleek design, as well as improvements to the sound quality. Alexa can answer questions, help you control smart devices or play music, amongst a ton of other things.

Fire TV stick with Alexa voice-remote – Priced at $49.99, Amazon will possibly offer the firestick at $34.99 (lowest price found). The new firestick offers 4k-quality streaming on nearly any media device. Small and portable, you can stream your favorite content on the go. There are endless streaming providers to choose from, while Amazon Prime members will have access to thousands of movies, shows and Amazon Music.

Simply speak your request into the remote and Alexa will respond! The firestick without Alex-enabled remote will drop from $49.99 to $24.99 (lowest price found).

Tech Gifts Under $200

Google Home Smart Speaker – Priced as $129, Target will possibly offer the Google Home Speaker for $79 (lowest price found). The Google Home Speaker is equipped with Google Assistant to help you complete everyday tasks. Simply communicate your questions and commands, starting with “Ok, Google”. The speaker also plays music, podcasts, weather reports, traffic and sports. Compatible with Android, Apple iOS and Google Home.

Nest Security Camera – Priced at $199, retailers will possibly offer the Nest Security Camera for $129.99 (lowest price found). The Nest indoor camera has a laundry list of capabilities. The Nest security camera is Alexa-enabled, meaning it can communicate with your family of Alexa devices.

Of course, it can also communicate with other Nest devices, as well. The camera’s compact design allows for you to move it around from room to room, as needed. The camera can be used with its lightweight stand, mounted on a wall or even used on a metallic surface – the camera is magnetic!

Nest alerts you when motion is detected, so you can monitor your home while on vacation or keep tabs on your destructible pooch. The camera also features two-way communication, allowing you to speak to those in front of the camera.

Tech Gifts Under $500

Apple Watch Series 3 - Priced at $399, Target will possibly offer the Apple Watch 3 for $279 (lowest price found). With tons of improvements, the Apple Watch Series 3 is this year’s hottest smartwatch. Apple sped up the processor, tweaked the appearance and included new health features. The new model has a thinner screen and louder speaks, which combine for a bigger bang. Health features can track new workouts, like yoga, monitor your heartrate and even detect a fall with use of a gyroscope. Let’s also not forget Siri – everyone’s favorite assistant. You can speak your request right into the watch. Battery life is lengthy, at 24 hours.

Tech Gifts Over $500+

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi connectivity – Priced at $700, Amazon will possibly offer the Roomba 960 for $449 when offering a special. Yes, this vacuum is Wi-Fi-enabled. The Roomba app allows you to control the vacuum from just about anywhere. You can schedule when and where to clean, and the Roomba will run for 120 minutes before returning itself to the charging station.

An array of sensors ensure a thorough job is done, while allowing the Roomba to navigate safely around furniture. New features include a high-efficiency air filter, improved suction and voice activation. The Roomba 960 is also Alexa-enabled.

Apple MacBook Air – Priced at $1000, BestBuy will possibly offer the MacBook Air for $800 (lowest price found). The MacBook Air is Siri-enabled, features a 13.3” display, Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory and 128GB flash storage. It is the perfect gift for the tech-savvy Apple fan in your life.


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