Five Tech Items Worth Buying at the Dollar Store

We all know the dollar store isn't where you get the highest quality item. That being said, there are an abundance of everyday necessities available at a fraction of what the name brand would cost (e.g. Window Cleaner). So what's available in the technology aisle? Have you ever looked? Ever wondered? Here are five tech items worth buying at the dollar store.

Worthy of Purchase:

  1. Flashlights

  2. Batteries

  3. Screen and Keyboard Cleaning Kits

  4. Stylus Pens (work on touch screen devices)

  5. DVDs or Computer Games

BONUS: Here are five tech items NOT worth purchasing at the dollar store.

  • Headphones / Earbuds

  • Smart Phone Cases

  • USB Cords / Car Chargers

  • Smart Phone Screen Protectors

  • Selfie-Sticks


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