Door To Door Is No More

Updated: Jan 8

Digital marketing will continue to be the supreme strategy used to get me interested in purchasing a product. After growing up with annoying sales calls, this era of personalized marketing seems like a fresh of breath air. After the internet boom, businesses could offer their products/services in creative new ways.

telemarketing woman

This ultimately led to the shopper interacting with the company via the web. Big business, suddenly, had developed emotions like humans. The consumer and the corporation had never been closer.

With companies now having human-being abilities, the customers wanted to be heard. This takes place daily by means of social media, instant messaging and blogging. I personally have no issue with being sent a random advertisement if it fits my purchase behaviors.

If the ad ends up in my email, I see no reason to be upset about it because I check email on my own time; therefore, I feel no pressure to buy the merchandise. If an announcement to buy something ends up on my computer screen, chances are, I am going to click on that red (X) box.

The non-edible cookie is something more people need to be aware of. I originally disallowed my cookies from being tracked on any of my devices but recently changed the settings back to default. Why you ask? I decided that my PC might know what I want to own more accurately than my gut does. It can be looked at as one less decision to make.

Social Media is a cutthroat industry that makes no promises. Even the major players such as Twitter aren’t guaranteed to be around forever. Remember that seemingly indestructible thing called Myspace? The question becomes which social media platforms will thrive in 2018 and which will cease to exist. I do believe Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest will still be in prodigious shape.

These are the fan favorites in which much of the world’s youth (and grown-ups) have an unhealthy obsession with. If these companies don’t continue to evolve with the times, they also could end up like Myspace. Google Plus was and will always be an absolute disaster.

Foursquare is another platform that will likely be no more next year. I foresee them being bought out by somebody as their ‘share and save the places you go’ is more popular on Facebook via their ‘check-in’ feature so the issue becomes much larger companies such as Facebook and Google are also focusing on the same type of services as smaller social media brands.

But Facebook and Google cannot dominate every aspect. The customer review service, Yelp, is more prevalent in the minds of Americans for the simple fact it has been around much longer. Customers who are a bit older will be more inclined to research a specific establishment on Yelp ahead of Foursquare.

The takeaway of all this? The landscape of the social media empire is not stationary. The threat of new entrants is always a possibility leaving all social companies continuously improving the quality of their service to stay ahead of the curve.