Dog Walking in the Gig Economy

The Gig Economy. Some call it the future of work. To start off, the term “gig economy” refers to a general workforce environment in which short-term engagements, temporary contracts, and independent contracting is commonplace. The most popular of the gig jobs? Ride-sharing (Uber). But there's a few others gaining some real momentum as society adapts to this new gig services environment. The one specifically gaining a lot of attention nowadays is dog walking. Companies such as Wag! and Rover are considering the 'Uber app of dog walking'. Although convenient, pup lovers beware: according to records held by the NY Post 'at least the 11th dog lost or killed by Wag! alone in the Big Apple since 2015 — and at least the 14th nationwide'. Though these types of services claim to do rigorous background checks, the reality is that unworthy applicants are accepted and that's when tragedy occurs.

taking the dog for a walk

Loved Features of Dog Walking Apps

  • Ability to know when the dog walker enters your home and starts the walk

  • GPS racking location enabled on entire walk, video and text message updates (e.g. water break) AND BONUS know where and when your dog goes number two

  • Flexibility/Availability. You can also allows your pet to stay at the sitters home or typically they can be at your home within the hour

  • Ability to meet your dog walker in-person (if desired) prior to any interaction

Pricing for Dog Walking Apps

  • Usually starts at $20 per 30-minute dog walk. Wag! offers 30-minute and 60-minute walk time slots

  • Accept all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Never pay by cash or check. Your card is charged after the service is complete.

  • Payment will be released to your walker or sitter within 48 hours of the service being completed

Horror Stories of Dog Walking Apps


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