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Updated: May 17, 2019

When it comes to the tech world, wires are a thing of the past. Wireless printers, phone chargers, keyboards, headphones and so on have all ditched the cords. Some consumers may be skeptical but this is now the reality! Poppy does recommend following instructions provided in the packaging but it is vital to know how to navigate the appropriate settings to manage your wireless devices.

From your home screen, click Menu, then choose Settings, and then you should see an option that reads Network and Internet (or something similar). Find the Wi-Fi setting and be sure to turn your wireless connection ON. Your device will then start to examine wireless networks within range. It is critical to know your WLAN name (Wireless Local Area Network) and your WPA Key (WI-FI security password.) Select the proper WLAN name (i.e. Fios – FH231) and enter your WI-FI security key via the back of the router (Ask Poppy how to change your wireless password!)

Your device should then connect to your wireless network! To confirm connection, you should see a Connected, secured message pop up. Is your WLAN name not showing up as an option to select? If this is the case, hit the WPS Button (WI-FI Protected Setup) on your router. WPS will configure the connection and security settings; hence, your device should connect automatically within seconds!

You can also individually manage each wireless device that is connected to your computer. Once again from your home screen, click Menu, then choose Settings, and then you should see an option that says Devices. From this interface you can manage your printer, scanner, mouse, Bluetooth and more! Overwhelmed? Poppy can help connect any accessory from most major brands!


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