6 Steps to Buy Groceries Online

Updated: Jul 13

As people become more and more engrossed in the chaos of everyday life, they lose valuable time. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks we set out to complete. Thankfully, technology is here to help minimize the amount of time we spend on repetitive activities.

In return, we have more free time to spend on activities we enjoy, or time to focus on priorities. With the insane-level of success that e-commerce has experienced, traditional stores need to find a way to stay relevant. Grocery stores fight a unique struggle of their own. Out of this necessity, the ability to pre-order groceries, was born. This new feature might be just enough to keep grocery stores relevant.

How to Order Groceries Online:

When it comes to ordering your groceries online, there are a few ways to go about completing your order.

1. First, hop online. Check-out the website of the grocery store you prefer to shop with.

2. Browse the site to figure out how your grocer handles pre-ordering. Many grocers have in-house shoppers (employees) that will prepare your order for pick-up. However, some grocers chose to use third-party companies, such as Instacart or Grocerkey, to fulfill customer orders. Some simple snooping around with inform you.

3. Once you’ve figured out how your grocer handles pre-ordering, it’s time to shop! You can shop for groceries online or via an app.

4. Grocers that allow the pre-ordering of groceries will either enable you to shop online (at their site) or work with a third-party vendor that enables pre-ordering (via their app).

5. Utilize the search bar to find the items you’d like. Then, add them to your cart.

6. Complete the check-out process (this will be unique to each grocer), just like you would for any other online purchase.

While completing your order, you will need to choose between pick-up or delivery. Research your grocer, prior to completing your order, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. For example, you don’t want to stuff your online shopping cart with items, planning to have groceries delivered to your front door, only to find out at checkout that your grocer will only allow pick-up.

Again, these options will depend on your grocery or third-party shopping vendor. For example, Walmart and Target allow for customers to pick-up their grocery orders. Woodman’s and Wholefoods allow for the delivery of groceries, right to your front door.

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