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Brand Awareness Opportunities

- Video Interviews

- Webinars

- Surveys/polls

- Display Ads

- Infographics

- Audio interviews

Brand Awareness

Gain Recognition with Poppy! Having trouble getting noticed? We will gladly help spread the word of your product or service by giving it a human element. By being authentic and speaking like a person (not a company) the customer can relate. Let's tell your story, build a community and make your brand recognizable and remarkable. 

Demand Gen Opportunities

- Multi-Touch Leads

- Targeted Audiences, never an all in one approach

- Gather via Newsletter, webinar, social media campaign, Contests, gated content and more!

Demand Generation

Gain Leads with Poppy! Your unique demand generation strategy will revolve around inbound marketing techniques. We will also focus on maintaining data guardrails to ensure the upmost quality of the incoming data. Once collected, it's time to nurture. Creating valuable content consistently without being sales oriented will naturally drive leads. Over time, nurtured leads will blossom into customers.

Content Opportunities

- Guest Blogging

- Case Studies

- White Papers

- Social Posting

- Live streaming Sessions

Co-Sponsored Content

Partner with Poppy! By partnering with Poppy's Tech Aid to produce custom co-sponsored content, the user will only further trust the honesty and integrity of your brand. After completing the customized piece(s), the two sides will come together to brainstorm a targeted marketing campaign to reach your desired audience. 

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